10 Mass Shootings Took Place Across The US On Juneteenth Weekend

As COVID-19 restrictions gradually get lifted, shootings continue to wreak havoc in the country. Since the night of June 18, 10 mass shootings have occurred across the country.

As per information from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), seven people were killed and at least five were injured in the shootings. These figures, the police shared, also account for the lives of at least two children — one aged 10, and the other, 15. 

The recent shootings only add to the long streak of deadly violence observed in the past few weeks. According to data from the GVA, only the week before, 10 mass shootings took place across seven states that claimed the lives of 12 individuals and injured 57. So far in 2021, there have been 293 mass shootings. 

A mass shooting, as defined by CNN is one where four or more people, excluding the shooter, are shot. A weekend spans from Friday afternoon through Sunday overnight. Here’s a list of five incidents that took place over the weekend. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey

On the evening of June 20, a shooting took the life of one individual and wounded three others on Atlantic Avenue. The incident is currently under investigation by the ACPO Major Crimes Unit and the Atlantic City Police Department. 

Denver, Colorado

At a Juneteenth celebration in the Aurora suburb, a shooting killed one person and injured over 40 people. Evidence suggests there were multiple shooters. 

Granger, Indiana

During a ‘Juneteenth Summer Bash’, one person was killed and four were wounded as a result of a shooting in a parking lot.

Richmond, Virginia

A quadruple shooting took place in a parking lot where a large crowd had gathered. Four were injured.

Dallas, Texas

A gunfight broke out between partygoers at two separate events in Dallas on June 20. Among the eight people shot, two were children — one of whom required surgery.