10 Places With The Best Weather In the USA

Good weather is the perfect antidote to monotony. Whether you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination or a new city to call home – here’s a list of 10 places in the US with great weather to help you decide.

1. San Diego, California

Dotted with beautiful sunlit beaches, San Diego boasts of a moderate climate throughout the year with no more than 3 days over 90 degrees. May & June receive moderate rainfall and snow is limited to East County mountains.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii has semi-tropical weather. Temperatures usually range from 75-90 degrees year round in the daytime, and 70-80 degrees at night.

3. Denver, Colorado

Blessed with mild winters and pleasant summers, Denver lets you enjoy all 4 seasons a year. The snow doesn’t stay too long and the mountains don’t let the summers get harsh.

4. Daytona Beach, Florida

Warm winter temperatures and an array of beautiful beaches in Florida make it an inviting place to visit or even move to. The same sea breeze that keep the winters warm, blow cool and pleasant, making summers a joy.

5. Columbia, South Carolina

The best of both worlds as they say, Columbia has mountains and beaches both less than an hour away. You’re in for sunny days and breezy nights. This, coupled with mild rains every now and then to cool the summers down. Winters are comfortable with snow being a rare sight.

6. Grand Marais, Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes. Grand Marais is situated close to the Lake Superior and boasts of a weather that has something for everyone. Go for a dip in the lake of your choice to beat the heat. In winter, you’ll find plenty of places to go out skiing in scenic locales that are sure to take your breath away.

7. Augusta, Georgia

If you love sunny weather and skinny dipping, Georgia is the place for you. Other than Augusta, Athens & Savannah are great options if you want to experience sub-tropical climes in your favourite bikini.

8. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

If warm and wet weather is what you like, Cape Hatteras is the place for you. Situated on the Atlantic coast, it receives nearly 58 inches of rainfall with ample amount of sunlight throughout the year.

9. Birmingham, Alabama

A place that takes its weather seriously. When in Birmingham, you get a perfect balance of warm and cold days throughout the year. Enjoy perfectly sunny summer, spring, and autumn; winters here are scenic with temperatures dipping below freezing point.

10. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis experiences mild winters, which makes it a perfect city to relish a plethora of outdoor activities all through the year. With its subtropical inklings, summers are slightly humid here. Spring is a thing of beauty with its Magnolia and Forsythia blooms, packed with the occasional orchestra of thunderstorms to keep things interesting.

We hope our list helps you plan the greatest vacation of your life or find the most beautiful new place to call home.