25 Things-to-do to Make The Most of Spring

The sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom. After a spell of teeth clattering winters, it’s finally springtime! The last thing you’d want to do in such great weather is to sit at home.

So, take off those winter layers and get set to enjoy spring with our list of 25 fun things-to-do this Spring!

1. Take a hike – put on your walking shoes and embrace the wilderness

2. Plant a kitchen garden – nothing is more rewarding than watching new life take form, right in front of your eyes

3. Take time to smell the flowers – Nature is at its most colorful best during Spring. Buy a flower guide, so you can enjoy the sights of spring and learn something along the way too.

4. Have a picnic in the park – pack some sandwiches, carry a bottle of wine (or two) and go be lazy in a park with your favorite people.

5. Go for a jog – watch your neighborhood come alive again in spring as you jog by familiar nooks and corners.

6. Ride a bike – what better way to get that beach body going

7. Sit at a cafe and read – Enjoy the bright, sunny skies of springtime – grab that spot near the window, enjoy the natural sunlight streaming in and enjoy reading that book that’s been lying on your bookshelf for a few months.

8. Enjoy a day out with the animals at a farm – Ride a horse, play with the farm dogs or just gaze out at the vast open greens – you won’t be disappointed!

9. Play a sport – Softball or beach volleyball, go out and be sporty in spring.

10. Walk on the beach – go for a lone walk by the beach and clear your head of the winter dullness. Spring is all about new beginnings and bright new ideas.

11. Go be a child at a playground – take your kids out and let them run wild. Enjoy the breezy spring weather, while it lasts.

12. Roast that asparagus, steam those artichokes – fresh seasonal veggies are in the market, so make the most of them.

13. Try your hand at watercolors- Let the blossoms of Springtime inspire you. Pick up a paintbrush and experiment with the colors of the season.

14. Detox with fruit – there’s nothing quite like seasonal fruit – so indulge in those fresh apricots and peaches and enjoy the taste of spring in your mouth.

15. Visit the farmer’s market with your love – let the colors of all the fresh produce make your day, bring home the goodness and eat healthy

16. Go fruit-picking – fresh strawberries handpicked by you, sound good don’t they ?!

17. Have a Margarita/sangria sojourn – call friends over and sing your favorite songs over pitchers of Margarita

18. Read poetry to the sound of rain – There’s no better weather, to be inspired!

19. Go rainbow spotting – you’re never too old to be young again

20. Watch out for new birds as they migrate to your neighborhood – birds are an evolved species and everything about them is worth learning from – go be an ornithologist for fun!

21. Catch up on all the Oscar-winning films – remember the foreign film category? No better way to get to know the world a little better!

22. Make your spring cleaning checklist – Yes, it’s that time of year to dust, spray, soak & rinse. Not sure where to begin with your spring cleaning? Making a checklist, is a great way to begin.

23. Plan a Spring vacay – bored of your neighborhood? Go see a new place this spring; travel rejuvenates the soul.

24. Re-decorate your home spring-style – with fresh Tulips and Cherry Blossoms growing all around you, redo your home for a beautiful spring vibe

25. Set up a lemonade stall in the neighborhood – it’s a beautiful way to embrace Spring and catch up with people living in your area!

Do you have more spring things on your mind? Happy Spring to you!

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