7 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Organized in No Time

Kitchens tend to get cluttered really quickly, with everything from loose keys, groceries, and discarded backpacks making its way to the countertop. If you enter your kitchen and see things that are really not supposed to be there, it may be time to reorganize and tidy up the space. Here are 7 tips.

1. Bust the clutter:

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to decorate your kitchen when there’s a lot of clutter around. So, make sure to first tidy up the clutter. If you’re running out of space, invest in a few space-saving storage containers and compact shelves to maximize the space in your kitchen. Also, make use of wall space if needed – you can add a wall-mounted rod to hang your everyday utensils.

2. Do a thorough cleaning:

Once you’ve organized your space, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning. So, grab the cleaning supplies, and start dusting the light fixtures, scrubbing grout lines, washing windows, and wiping down your appliances (make sure to use the appropriate cleaner when cleaning appliances). Once this is done, you can vacuum and mop the floors.

3. Stash appliances away:

Only keep the appliances that you use most often on the counter; stash the rest of them away. So, say you have a waffle maker that you barely use, place it on a higher shelf, away from your daily-use utensils.

4. Use better-looking containers:

To make your kitchen a special space, you need to pay attention to the details. So, look around – if you have a lot of plastic containers, upgrade to something that looks more attractive.

5. Consider open shelving:

Open shelving immediately opens up your kitchen and makes it easy for you to access your essentials. Just ensure you choose a color that’s timeless.

6. Add a rug:

Yes, we understand it seems counterintuitive to have a rug in a place that is prone to messes and spills. But, adding a textured rug in a dark or neutral tone is a great way to add some personality to your kitchen.

7. Add some greenery:

Adding a touch of greenery can significantly improve the visual appeal of your kitchen. So, place a small potted plant to the window to enliven the space.