All Americans could get vaccinated by August

In a recent address, President Biden reassured the country that every American who wanted a Covid-19 vaccination would be able to get one by the end of July. Though optimistic, he was also quick to stay grounded and remind people that logistical and distribution hurdles still exist. This means that many people would yet not be vaccinated by the end of summer.

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At a town-hall-style meeting held recently, he was questioned about when every American who wanted it would be able to get it. His answer was a confident and unwavering, “By the end of July this year.” 

Well, at least the aim is to get the doses available until then. At a time when Americans are hoping to get back to “normal life”, this reassurance tempered with reality is still a ray of hope. The great thing about this is that there was no hard sell or outlandish promises, but a sober prediction that God-willing, by next Christmas the country will be in a very different place. 

Just last week, the Biden administration reported that they secured 200 million more doses of Coronavirus vaccines. These additional doses amount to a 50 percent increase in supply and will help the Government cover 300 million people from the virus by the end of the summer.

When it comes to Americans to get vaccinated, at this point, the message is clear. The two vaccines already in use are one by Moderna and another by Pfizer BioNTech, but if you’re eligible, if it’s available, get any of the vaccines and protect yourself.

Bite-sized updates.

  • The Biden administration hopes to make vaccines available to all Americans before August.
  • Vaccine supply rises by 13.5 million doses a week says The White House.
  • Officials note new ZIP code disparities in N.Y.C.’s vaccination efforts.
  • South Africa to share its AstraZeneca vaccine more readily after it saw disappointing results against its virus variant.
  • Severe storm impedes coronavirus vaccination drive efforts.
  • At the site of the spring outbreak – aboard U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt – officials report that three sailors test positive once again. 
  • New York state sued Amazon because of claims that the company failed to protect workers from Covid-19 adequately.