Bar Worker Slices Off Her Boss’s Manhood

An unnamed woman has been arrested after she allegedly sliced off the manhood of her boss. The woman said she acted in self-defense after her boss attempted to sexually assault her, according to her statement.

The victim was rushed to the hospital for an operation to attempt to reattach the severed organ. It was not immediately clear whether the surgical procedure was a success.

The incident occurred at a bar in Sant de la Barca around midnight local time on Tuesday in Spain. The female bar worker contacted the police herself and admitted to the dismemberment.

One of the most famous similar incidents in the United States occurred in 1989 when Lorena Bobbitt severed the manhood of her husband John Wayne Bobbitt while he was sleeping. The organ was subsequently surgically reattached. Like the Spanish bar employee, Lorena claimed that her husband had sexually assaulted her. John was later acquitted of the charge, however.

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