Biden’s First 100 Days in Office – ANALYZED

When Joseph R. Biden Jr. took over as the President of the United States (POTUS) on January 20, 2021, it was like déjà vu. A Democrat ascending to the White House at a time when the country is in utter chaos and crisis is a reminder of when Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in as President on March 4, 1933, during the Great Depression. 

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The US that Joe Biden is now the President of is still crumbling under the effect of the once-in-a-century pandemic COVID-19, which has left 400,000 Americans dead and 10 million unemployed.

A few hours after his Inauguration, Biden signed several executive orders flipping over the Trump Administration’s decisions. Among these, Biden rejoined the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement and rescinded the previous Administration’s ban on the immigration of Muslims from various Muslim-majority countries. The focus of the Biden Administration over the first 100 days in office will be:

Controlling the pandemic

With the COVID-19 vaccines rolling out slower than expected and the infection rates worsening, experts predict that 700,000 Americans may lose their lives to the disease before it’s curbed. Biden plans to combat this by reducing the infections and speeding up vaccine distribution. The Biden Administration will be involved in the distribution of the vaccines to priority populations.

Moreover, the Administration plans to boost the production of protective equipment and vaccine supplies by using the Defense Protection Act. President Biden will also launch a campaign to depoliticize wearing masks and will appeal to Americans to participate in a 100-day mask challenge to encourage them to cover their mouths and noses in public.

Reviving the economy

The country’s economy may not rebound until summer or fall. To ease the hardship until then, on January 14, Biden announced an economic stimulus proposal that would extend weekly enhanced unemployment insurance through September, increase the allotted amount from $300 to $400, and transfer $1,400 in direct payments to most Americans.

Additionally, POTUS Joe Biden must also tackle racial injustice, a divided electorate, climate change, and anti-abortion rights policies, among other issues.