Biking Etiquette to Ride Safely During COVID-19

Since the onset of the pandemic, cycling traffic has increased in some areas of the country. Biking has become a great way to get a change of scenery, some fresh air, and exercise. It’s also become a good alternative to public transportation during the pandemic. But, given how many novice cyclists there are, there is a need for everyone to follow the right biking etiquette.

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Here are some tips for those who are cycling for the first time in their adult life and for those who’ve just taken up biking again during the global pandemic.

Ride where you feel comfortable, but be considerate of others

The road is the best place to ride. If there’s a dedicated cycling lane, use it. But, keep in mind that you may find runners and pedestrians using cycling lanes as well. If you don’t feel comfortable riding on the road just yet, you may be able to ride on the sidewalk – there are exceptions to this, so do your research. If you do end up riding on the sidewalk, remember that the sidewalk is meant for pedestrians.

Wear your mask

We get that it’s not fun to have a mask on during strenuous rides, but it is the right thing to do if you are going to be around other people. If there’s no one around you, you could wear the mask around your neck.

Avoid drafting

Don’t draft without asking – it’s not good etiquette, and other cyclists will likely not appreciate it, especially during the pandemic. If you are experiencing drafting, ask the cyclist behind you to stop, and then resume riding.

Announce yourself when coming up on people

Don’t just swoop past somebody without announcing yourself – you’ll likely leave the person startled and angry. Either get a bell and ring it if you’re too close to someone or call out to them politely so they know you are coming. Even then, make sure to maintain at least six feet of distance when passing by someone.

Disinfect shared equipment

Most bike-share firms disinfect shared equipment on the regular. But, it’s also important that you wipe high-touch surfaces before and after use. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer with you, and avoid touching your face. Wash your hands with water and soap once you reach your destination.