Buying Refurbished Appliances? Here’s What You Need to Know

Refurbished appliances can help you save a lot of money, and they can also give you great value provided you buy the right products. Here’s what you need to know before you buy refurbished appliances.

1. Dents and scratches:

Appliances that have a few dents or scratches can save you hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind that retailers will no longer be able to sell these products as brand new, so you’ll likely be able to get excellent discounts on these products. But, when buying appliances with unsightly scratches and dents, make sure to decide if you’d be okay having an appliance that doesn’t look new in your home.

2. Check the warranty:

It’s important to consider the warranty of the appliances you are buying. If the warranty given is less than what you would get if you were to buy the item new, you should take that into consideration. If you decide to go ahead with purchasing a refurbished appliance, it’s best to avoid buying products that have warranties of under 90 days.

3. Check if the parts are working properly:

Although you may get a warranty on the product, it’s best to ensure that all the parts and functions of the appliance you are looking to purchase are working the way they should before you leave the store.

4. Other tips:

A great way to save even more money is by looking around for discounted floor models of appliances. Retailers will usually lower the price of their floor models when they have new products. These discounted models usually carry the same warranty as new products.

You can also price match to increase your savings. The best way to do this is by checking the prices offered by different retailers, after which you can visit a retailer near your home and request a price match.