Golf legend Tiger Woods suffers serious injuries after car crash

Tiger Woods has suffered serious injuries to his legs after a rollover crash on the morning of February 23, near Los Angeles. When deputies arrived on the scene, Woods was reportedly conscious. 

The golf legend’s 2021 Genesis was going downhill and happened to cross a median before crashing into a curb and overturning. Neighbors who witnessed the car crash called 911.

Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County Sheriff, said they assume the call was made pretty much immediately following the accident because the neighbors were within 50 feet of the location. 

The Sheriff said the injuries Woods sustained were not life-threatening. “He was able to communicate, and he was conscious,” he added. 

Fortunately, the airbags in Woods’ car deployed and he was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. The Sheriff said these two things are likely what saved his life. Villanueva said it appeared that the car was going at a speed higher than normal. He added there were “no skid marks, no braking.” He also mentioned that it didn’t seem like there were any signs of impairment, but tests are being done. 

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzales, who was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, said Woods was unable to stand by himself but he appeared to be calm and lucid. Gonzales added that Woods was in the driver’s seat. 

Because of Woods’ condition, Gonzales determined it would be much safer to wait until the fire department arrived at the scene instead of him trying to get Woods out of the car on his own. 

The Deputy said although Woods was hurt, “he didn’t seem concerned about his injuries at the time, which is not uncommon in traffic collisions. Many times people tend to be in shock. It’s a traumatic experience.” Given this, Gonzales said he wasn’t in the least surprised by Woods’ behavior when he arrived at the scene. 

Law enforcement officials stated there was no indication that Woods attempted to slow down his car prior to the accident.