Job Seekers! Here’s How You Can Ace the Digital Job Market

With technological advances and globalization pushing hiring competition to an all-time high, the coming few years are expected to be even more challenging for people looking to land a job. Job seekers, today, are expected to have more than just technical knowledge – they’ll also need to have an optimistic mindset. One of the biggest challenges that people looking for jobs today have to face is that they will need to differentiate themselves from others who have a similar educational background and IQ level – in such a case, the person’s attitude may be the only differentiator.

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The effects of automation

A recent report indicated that in the next decade, the world may see almost 800 million jobs done by humans replaced by robots at workplaces. So, the vast majority of the workforce may need to either find themselves a new job or learn new skills. Of course, in certain industries, automation will not result in a decline in the need for workers, but it may cause a shift in the type of work that needs to be done. For instance, any job that requires managing people or using your specific expertise in different scenarios will still be necessary. Machines and robots cannot really match human performance in these areas.

Soft skills vs. technical skills

Currently, few jobs require job seekers to have high-level emotional or logical reasoning skills. The share of jobs that specifically require these skills is expected to increase over time. So, in the future, educators will need to emphasize and focus on helping students build these skills and traits.

Fortunately, most employees already realize that they need to work on their soft skills to be irreplaceable.

So, by focussing and working on your soft skills, you could make your job automation-proof.