Kel Mitchell, a Former Nickelodeon Actor, Becomes a Licensed Youth Pastor

Kel Mitchell, a former Nickelodeon teen star who grew up in Chicago, has become a licensed youth pastor. Mitchell’s grandfather was a pastor. However, despite his religious upbringing, he found it challenging to maintain his faith in God amidst all the fortune and fame that came his way due to him being in show business.

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After being unable to move forward in his career, Mitchell took the decision to return to his religious roots and look for comfort and peace in Christ. Mitchell says he tried to figure it out on his own, but what he actually needed to do was turn to Christ. Once he found clarity, he knew everything would work out for him eventually.

Mitchell Sank into Depression

Although Kel Mitchell experienced quite a lot of success at a very young age by starring in shows like Kenan & Kel and All That, his acting career never really took off. Even the goofy personality he portrayed in the movie Good Burger did not get him enough attention. Struggling to make a mark in the hugely-competitive entertainment business, Mitchell is said to have suffered from deep depression. He’s even admitted to having had suicidal thoughts.

Kel Mitchell Becomes a Licensed Youth Pastor

Realizing that his troubles were too much for him to tackle all by himself, Mitchell eventually rekindled his connection with Christ. He then became the stage manager of a Los Angeles Church and remarried Asia Lee, a rapper.

Since then, he began pursuing ministry life and has become a licensed youth pastor. He announced this on a popular social media platform last year.

Kel Mitchell is now encouraging anyone who is going through a troubled or difficult time to turn to Christ for a new start to their life.