Listed: Executive Orders Signed by President Joe Biden

So far President Joe Biden has signed more executive orders in his first 100 days at office, than the last three presidents. Of the 60 executive actions he signed, 24 were direct reversals of former President Trump’s policies. Here are some of the most recent executive orders signed by President Biden. 

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On April 27, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage of federal contract workers to a sum of $15 an hour (up from the current $10.95). 

On April 16, Biden reversed Trump’s policy that banned refugees from key regions. He also enabled flights from those regions to start within days. 

On April 15, Biden signed a national security executive order that imposed diplomatic expulsions and sanctions on Russia in response to the country’s involvement in the recent U.S. election and the SolarWinds cyberattack.

On April 9, Biden signed an executive order to create a Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court.

On April 1, Biden revoked an executive order signed by Trump that approved sanctions on International Criminal Court officials.

On March 8, President Biden established a White House Gender Policy Council, which is tasked with the responsibility of submitting a government-wide plan with recommendations to advance gender equality and equity in the U.S. and across the world. 

On February 24, Biden revoked a series of 7 actions passed by the Trump administration that had eased certain regulatory requirements and actions that called for withholding funds from cities that allowed protests in support of the BLM movement. 

On February 11, Biden passed an executive order to sanction Myanmar military leaders, disallowing property ownership in the U.S. by any foreign individual connected with those leaders or their business interests and those undermining human rights and democracy in Myanmar.