New Study Shows Poor Diet Could Be Deadlier Than Smoking!

So, your blood pressure is in check, you are not obese, and you don’t smoke. The only thing you don’t do is watch your diet, but what harm could this possibly do, right?

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Wrong! A recent study has shown that poor diet is one of the leading causes of death globally – even more than death caused as a result of risk factors like high blood pressure and tobacco usage. Researchers studied the dietary habits of people who were over the age of 25 across a total of 195 countries.

The study indicated that around 11 million deaths were caused as a result of following a poor diet. Among this, 9.5 million people passed away as a result of cardiovascular disease, while 900,000 deaths were caused as a result of diet-related cancers. Another 330,000 deaths were due to diabetes, and 136,000 deaths were due to kidney disease.

The study also concluded that a poor diet could increase the number of years an individual has to live with a disability before death.

In comparison, tobacco usage caused 8 million deaths, and high blood pressure caused 10.4 million deaths.

What foods were part of these diets?

The study found that food choices that were associated with early death included a high intake of sodium (over 3 grams per day), low consumption of whole grains (under 125 grams per day), and low fruit intake (under 250 grams per day). Diets that were low in seeds, nuts, and vegetables were also linked to an early death.

The takeaway

One of the biggest takeaways from the study was that people need to limit their consumption of added sugar and sodium. Whenever possible, ensure that the carbs you are consuming are whole grains. If you need to snack, try keeping a few nuts on hand. You can also add nuts to salads, parfaits, and smoothies. And, of course, make sure you eat your veggies and fruits.