NFL Player’s Son Graduates After Father Hired a Hitman to Kill Him

Chancellor Lee Adams, the son of former Carolina Panthers player Rae Carruth, will be graduating high school soon. Rae Carruth tried to kill his son, Chancellor Lee before he was even born. 

Chancellor Lee, who is 21, will be walking the stage with Vance High School graduates on June 5. This is a particularly special milestone for him, given that he wasn’t supposed to live a long life.


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In 1999, when Cherica Adams, Chancellor Lee’s mother, was 10 weeks away from her due date, a hitman who Rae Carruth hired shot her a total of 4 times and killed her. Carruth was convicted and spent 17 years in prison and was only released in 2018. 

While Adams, who was 24 years at the time, succumbed to her injuries that night, Chancellor Lee was born via emergency C-section. He, however, has brain damage and cerebral palsy because he was oxygen-deprived during the shooting. He is currently being taken care of by Saundra Adams, Cherica’s mother. 

Chancellor Lee spent a total of 6 years at the high school. He spent the first four years in the Exceptional Children’s high school program and the last two in a transitional program that teaches students basic life skills. While Chancellor Lee will always require a live-in caretaker and only utters a few words at a time, he knows a few necessary life skills. 

Saundra Adams mentioned she was not sure if Rae Carruth knew his son will be graduating, but that she hopes someone will let him know and that they can have some sort of communication in the future. She added that she believes her daughter was watching down on them, smiling about her son reaching this important milestone.