Queen Elizabeth to Meet President Biden

Buckingham Palace recently announced that Queen Elizabeth will welcome President Joe Biden to Windsor Castle on June 13, for their first one-on-one interaction. The monarch’s meeting with the President and the First Lady will take place during Biden’s first visit to the UK, since taking office, for the upcoming G7 summit. 

It will be the Queen’s first key meeting with a world leader since the passing away of Prince Philip in April. A plan for President Biden and the Queen to meet has been in the works for many days, with the Palace and the White House in talks over logistics. 

The 95-year-old monarch, over the course of her reign, has met every single United States President, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson. In recent years, however, she has reduced her international travels, making visits with world leaders far less common. That said, the two have been in touch during the last few months. It is believed that the Queen even sent a private congratulatory message to President Biden ahead of his inauguration in January. And, earlier this year, President Joe Biden and his wife sent condolences to the Queen after Prince Phillip passed away.

The very first President of the United States that Queen Elizabeth II met with was President Harry Truman in 1951, although she was a princess at the time of the meeting. The Bidens, however, have met other members of the British royal family. In the year 2017, former President Obama and the Bidens accompanied Prince Harry to the Invictus Games that took place in Canada. 

The monarch also met with former President Trump during his visit to the UK in 2019, after which Trump claimed the Queen had “so much fun” with him.