Romney Suggests US Boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics

Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney believes the US and its allies should boycott Winter Olympics 2022, scheduled to happen in Beijing. Sen.

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Romney cited the Chinese government’s actions in Hong Kong and the accusations the government has faced of committing genocide against Uighurs and other ethnic minorities as the reasons for the boycott. However, in an op-ed for The New York Times dated March 15, Sen. Romney said the boycott must exclude athletes.

He wrote, “Our athletes have trained their entire lives for this competition and have primed their abilities to peak in 2022.” He added, “It would be unfair to ask a few hundred young American athletes to shoulder the burden of our disapproval” of the Chinese government. Romney suggested “an economic and diplomatic boycott” instead, which would exclude Americans (diplomats and civilians alike.)

Sen. Romney said President Joe Biden could consider inviting Chinese religious leaders, dissidents, and ethnic minority communities’ members to represent the US. He wrote, “Limiting spectators, selectively shaping our respective delegations, and refraining from broadcasting Chinese propaganda would prevent China from reaping many rewards it expects from the Olympics.”