Seven Free Online Learning Resources for School Kids

If you’re a busy parent trying to do your best for your kid, it’s natural to feel anxious about your child’s educational development. You’re not alone in wondering whether you can provide an environment that encourages growth and learning.

That’s where we come in with this carefully curated list of free online resources. Use these platforms to get out of a homeschooling slump, learn an exciting new skill together, do a deep dive into special interests, or simply take the edge off of virtual learning.


This platform offers free access to all digital learning resources for both teachers and students of all levels. You can download and print out the learning material making it perfect if you have limited Internet access.


K-12 students can access free virtual-learning LaunchPack resources at Britannica’s Digital Learning platform. The site also offers emergency support to K-12 schools.


Visit edHelper to access countless printable learning workbooks on mathematics, spelling, critical thinking, and puzzles for preschool, grade school, and middle school students.

Girls Who Code: 

The non-profitGirls Who Code publishes online and offline HTML, CSS, and other computer science educational videos every week. The videos are accessible and can be downloaded. They’re designed to impart real-life profitable skills while encouraging your child to stay curious and have fun.

Great Minds:

Download some amazing activity sheets in English arts and language (K-8), mathematics (K-12), and science (grades 3-5) from the Great Minds platform.

Legends of Learning:

Legends of Learning offers free, unlimited premium online learning content to schools and parents with over 2,000 games in math and science.


NOVA is a dream come true for every science and space nerd kid. The site offers free educational video series about space and the universe every week along with advice on teaching complex subjects in science (for parents and caregivers), essays, and discussion topics. While it’s great for all astronomy-related content, you can also access video series on military strategies, the brain, and the body, evolution, nature, and the ancient worlds.