SHOCKING: Children Now Account for 22% of New COVID Cases in the U.S.

The latest data has revealed a shocking trend – children make up nearly a quarter of the new coronavirus cases in the U.S. 

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Of course, the number of children being diagnosed with COVID-19 is a lot lower than the record highs at the start of the year, but it is quite concerning that children now account for over a fifth of the new cases in the states that have released data by age. It’s a statistic that has surprised many, given that just a year back child coronavirus cases made up just about 3% of the total cases. 

Experts link this worrying trend to multiple factors, including high vaccination rates among adults and older Americans. The U.S. recently reported that 100 million people were completely vaccinated in the country. It goes without saying that since children are not yet eligible for the vaccination, they will account for a larger share of new COVID-19 cases. But other factors, like the new coronavirus variants and loosening of many restrictions on school activities, are also in play. 

It’s worth noting that for the most part of the pandemic, people between the ages of 18 and 24 years were the most affected. The good news is that the vaccine could be approved for children who are 12 years and older, in the next few weeks. While there are no official dates on that, experts believe it will happen soon. And, children getting vaccinated will make a huge difference to the overall numbers.

While the effects of coronavirus aren’t completely benign in children, pediatric death, fortunately, is quite a rare event. However, given that severe symptoms have been reported in children, experts are of the opinion that a vaccine for children is necessary, not only to protect the general population and achieve herd immunity but also to protect kids themselves.