Six things to know about the woman responsible for Parler’s reboot

Ann Peikoff is a blogger, a die-hard fan of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, a self-proclaimed ‘never-Trumper’, a lawyer, and a Ph.D. holder in Philosophy. She is also the Chief Policy Adviser on conservative right-wing friendly social media site Parler. Peikoff, who has many monikers and some pretty out-there opinions, is currently working hard to ensure that Parler returns fighting fit as an alternative platform for conservative users. Here are a few things you’ve gotta know about her:

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1) She is responsible for drafting Parler’s recent Community Guidelines, in which she makes the case for the platform’s non-partisan, view-point neutral position. According to the new guidelines, Parler welcomes all community members and says that the platform prefers to limit the removal of users or user-provided content. The document, which was released after the events on January 6, 2020 states, “We prefer to leave decisions about what is seen and who is heard to each individual.”

2) Peikoff believes in a school of thought called Objectivism, which was founded by late novelist Ayn Rand. This ideology promotes laissez-faire capitalism, hard work, and reason considers selfishness as crucial to human advancement. It dismisses altruism as destructive. Many people have criticized Objectivism for its simplistic and cruel positions. Peikoff has spoken about a variety of issues from an objectivist lens on her YouTube channel, her blog Don’t let it go, named after an essay by Rand and in several interviews.

3) In 2010, she wrote “As I understand it, we are at war with those who are animated by an ideology—Islam—that declares war on us (the nonbelievers) and our way of life. Because they have declared war on us, we are at war with them, regardless of whether our government has chosen to formally or explicitly declare war on anyone.”

4)She doesn’t support Trump. She has called herself an “anti-leftist and pro-rights” person and tweeted in 2019 that she opposed Trump because he doesn’t believe in rights as a principle.

5)Her world views have earned her plenty of criticism from conservative pundits like Sean Hannity as well as investors on Parler too.

6)   On her Parler account, she lists her pronoun as “Tough Cookie.”