The 50 Worst Television Shows of All Time

Whether you’re a TV series aficionado or just a casual viewer, deciding what to watch can be daunting. Do you binge-watch the latest drama or relax with a comedy? Should you explore the latest TV content or stick with an old classic? 

While there is no way for us to answer those questions, this list of the worst television shows of all time, according to TV Guide, can tell you exactly which ones are not worth your time. Read on. 

50. Barney & Friends

Credits: Lyons Partnership, L.P., Connecticut Public Television, Lyrick Studios, HIT Entertainment, WNET New York, TMDB

Barney & Friends is a children’s television show that featured the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex. Barney conveyed educational messages through small dance routines and songs, with an optimistic attitude. 

While it was somewhat popular with its intended audience, the show drew sharp criticism from older generations. This anti-Barney phenomenon was, in fact, the basis of a 2022 documentary named I Love You, You Hate Me. Despite the negative reaction it got, the show surprisingly managed to last 14 full seasons!