The Ultimate Test: Android vs iPhone

Androids and iPhones both have their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find die-hard loyalists from both camps. However, if you’re looking to switch operating systems or if you find that certain features in your phone aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we’re here to help answer the world’s most pertinent question: Which is better: the Android or iPhone? We tested both devices on 7 basic tasks and saw how they compare.

Logging in

Most iPhones have a TouchId fingerprint sensor which eliminates the need for codes and drawing patterns. While some Androids do have similar technology or face recognition, it’s a win for Apple in this department.


Apple has FaceTime and your contacts are organized much better. People you call frequently are a few swipes away. Apple wins again.

Time keeping

Android is hands-down better at keeping time. While both phones can show you the time when you unlock them, most Android devices are sensitive to the slightest movement and display the time even when you take the phone out of your pocket.

Managing photo and video content

While most phones have superior cameras, managing your photos on an Android device is a much better experience thanks to Google Photos, which offers unlimited storage.


Android phones are much easier to text on for two reasons: one, punctuation is on the same keypad, and two, the swipe gestures don’t glitch as often. However, Apple phones have been producing models with better keypads recently. Still, we’ll give this one to Android since their stock keypad on most devices is better.

Using apps

Androids widgets are cleaner and more efficient and the devices allow you to organize your apps based on how frequently you use them. Apps that you don’t use regularly get tucked into an app drawer while the ones you use daily are displayed on your home screen.

Voice assistants

Siri or Google Assistant? Both are great, but Siri has a lot of easter eggs in her code which makes her funnier. Have you tried asking her what the movie Inception is about? Or asked her the meaning of life? Try It!