The Weirdest Things That Were Sold on eBay

eBay is great for curiosity finds: the occasional nostalgic toy from your childhood or pre-loved fashion. However, you don’t get to be a platform for countless listings without getting just a little bit strange. We scoured the site’s history and found four bizarre listings that once lived on the platform.

The chance to be buried above Marilyn Monroe

The story begins when Joe DiMaggio sold his crypt to the businessman Richard Poncher. Poncher died in 1986 and was buried face down so that he could, according to his dying wish, gaze down at the crypt below him which belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Fast forward to 2009. His wife Elsie Poncher put her husbands’ crypt up on eBay to pay off her mortgage. A bidding war to end all bidding wars began. Bids surged until they rested at 4.6 million dollars. To Elsie’s disappointment, the winning bidder never paid.

A haunted jar

The seller claimed to have found two jars in an abandoned cemetery along with an old journal. He accidentally broke one jar and to his horror, “a black mist” seeped out. Later, he claimed to have been attacked by a black, demonic spirit which appeared because of his proximity to the second jar. The listing went viral. The bid finally settled at $50,922, which was never paid and we never heard from the evil spirit again.

Grandpa’s cane

This item was listed by the mother of a six-year-old. The listing description explained that her child thought he was being haunted by his Grandfather. The cane was being sold on the condition that whoever bought it would have to write a letter to the boy assuring him that his grandfathers’ ghost had followed the cane and was doing great. To everyone’s surprise, the cane was sold for $65,000 to a gambling site.

The meaning of life

The seller claimed to have chanced upon “the reason for our existence”. He was willing to share this information for one cent. It was sold at $3.26 and both parties are probably the wiser for it.