The Worst TV Shows of All Time

Whether you’re a TV series aficionado or just a casual viewer, deciding what to watch can be daunting. Do you binge-watch the latest drama or relax with a comedy? Should you explore the latest TV content or stick with an old classic? 

While there is no way for us to answer those questions, this list of the worst television shows of all time, according to TV Guide, can tell you exactly which ones are not worth your time. Read on. 

50. Barney & Friends

Credits: Lyons Partnership, L.P., Connecticut Public Television, Lyrick Studios, HIT Entertainment, WNET New York, TMDB

Barney & Friends is a children’s television show that featured the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex. Barney conveyed educational messages through small dance routines and songs, with an optimistic attitude. 

While it was somewhat popular with its intended audience, the show drew sharp criticism from older generations. This anti-Barney phenomenon was, in fact, the basis of a 2022 documentary named I Love You, You Hate Me. Despite the negative reaction it got, the show surprisingly managed to last 14 full seasons!

49. The Ropers

Credits: The NRW Company, TMDB

The Ropers is an American sitcom television show that was launched as a spin-off of Three’s Company. The series focused on a middle-aged couple, Stanley and Helen Roper, who were landlords to Janet, Jack, and Chrissy on Three’s Company. 

The show was canceled after just two seasons. Some people believe that the show didn’t do well because it was put in a bad time slot, but the fact is that the plot wasn’t interesting enough to pull in its target demographic. 

48. Bless This House

Credits: IMDB

Bless This House is a sitcom television series created by Bruce Helford, starring Cathy Moriarty and Andrew Dice Clay. The show takes viewers through the lives of postal worker Burt Clayton and his wife Alice, who raise two kids in Trenton, New Jersey. 

The show garnered a lot of mixed reviews. Entertainment Weekly gave the series a C rating and mentioned, “Bless has smart things to say about how hardworking parents manage family life, but the show is hobbled by its endless succession of squalid sex jokes.” Unsurprisingly, it was canceled after just one season. 

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47. Rango

Credits: IMDB

Rango (1967) is an American Western comedy that starred Tim Conway, Norman Alden, and Guy Marks. The titular character, Rango, is an inept Texas Ranger who is assigned to the quietest post the Rangers have in order to keep him from landing himself in unnecessary trouble. He, however, brings trouble wherever he goes. 

You can guess what was problematic about this show by just looking at the image above. Fortunately, the show was aired for just half a season, after which it was canceled.

46. Me and the Chimp

Credits: IMDB

Me and the Chimp is an American sitcom that aired for only one season in 1972. The premise of the show revolved around a dentist and his wife, who live with their two children and a chimpanzee. Episodes take viewers through the doings and undoings of the chimp. 

Unless you love watching the daily life and activities of a chimp, you’ll likely be bored with what this show has to offer. 

45. a.k.a. Pablo

Credits: PasteMagazine

a.k.a. Pablo focuses on the struggles of a Hispanic stand-up comedian, Paul Rivera, and his Mexican-American family, who calls him Pablo. While his family is loving and supportive, Paul/Pablo’s traditionalist parents are often offended by his ethnic humor. 

The show was not a success and was canceled after just six episodes. But some people believe that a.k.a. Pablo suffered the fate because it was ahead of its time. Either way, given that there is plenty of amazing content to watch on TV, you can certainly skip this show. 

44. She’s the Sheriff

Credits: IMDB

She’s the Sheriff is a sitcom series that aired between 1987 and 1989. Produced by Lorimar Television, the show marked the return of Suzanne Somers to television after she left Three’s Company. 

In the show, Somers stars as Hildy Granger, a widow who is appointed the Sheriff of fictional Lakes County. The series focuses on her efforts to deal with the challenges of tourists and locals while learning to work with her deputies. 

While the show was progressive, the plot wasn’t engaging enough, and it was canceled after just two seasons on air. 

43. Woops!

Credits: Heartfelt Productions, Witt/Thomas Productions, Touchstone Television, TMDB

In the show, an innocent misunderstanding leads to a nuclear catastrophe. Only six people survive the Armageddon, and they make their way to a remote farm in the middle of nowhere. There, the group has a series of adventures, and the misfits learn to put aside their differences for the sake of survival. 

While the plot was unique, Woops! didn’t have any big-name stars, and that eventually led to low ratings. It was finally canceled after just ten episodes!

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42. The Flying Nun

Credits: Screen Gems, TMDB

The Flying Nun is a sitcom about a community of nuns, one of whom had the ability to fly. The show was based on the 1965 book The Fifteenth Pelican and starred Sally Field as the title character, Sister Bertrille. 

While the show had its noteworthy moments, and Field was, of course, an amazing performer, the absurd premise of the show led to its cancellation. In fact, we’re surprised it even lasted three full seasons!

41. The Tom Green Show

Credits: MTV Productions, TMDB

The Tom Green Show aired in September 1994 in Ottawa, Ontario, and starred Canadian comedian Tom Green. Production later moved to the United States, and the show began to air on MTV. 

While the show had its funny moments, Green’s humor was pretty crass and not for everyone. The silliness of the show did not resonate with its target audience, causing the network to cancel it. Green, however, launched subsequent spin-off shows that were more successful than this series. 

40. Makin’ It

Credits: IMDB

Makin’ It was set in Passaic, New Jersey, and centered on the daily life of Billy Manucci, a young gentleman who frequented a nearby disco club every night. Ellen Travolta, John Travolta’s sister, played Manucci’s mother. 

This show didn’t work because it was aired during a time when backlash against the disco culture was starting to rise in the US. As such, Makin’ It lasted just eight weeks on air before the network unceremoniously canceled it. 

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39. The New Leave it to Beaver

Credits: Sprocket Films, Telvan Productions, Universal Pay Television, Universal Television, TMDB

The New Leave It to Beaver was a sequel to the popular hit sitcom Leave It to Beaver. The series focused on Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow) and his younger brother Beaver (Jerry Mathers) as adults. 

While the show tried hard to recreate what made the original series special, it, unfortunately, failed to leave a mark. Despite being on air for around six years, the show received mostly mixed reviews. It was finally canceled in 1989. 

38. Hell Town

Credits: IMDB

Hell Town is a drama show that aired on NBC in 1985. The show featured Robert Blake as Noah Rivers, a hard-living Catholic priest in a crime-ridden LA neighborhood. Rivers is a former criminal but was still picked to lead his church and help people choose a life away from crime. 

The plot is somewhat interesting. However, NBC canceled it after just 15 episodes. With a better supporting star cast, this show may have worked in the present day.