Trump’s Acquittal: The American system of governance fails to hold the former President accountable

The biggest problem affecting the development and progress of democracy is the crippling dominance of party-first politics This restricts the degree of power politicians have to act in the best interests of their countries and its citizens.

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The illustration of the power of party politics has been seen in the trial of Donald Trump. Before the trial even began, ahead of any formal evidence being presented, the base of the Republican party had already made their decision. The verdict of one of the most politically important trials in American history was given based on party dogma and not on the evidence, nor in the interests of the United States.

Countries all around the world with the same blinkered party systems will be rejuvenated as well. This time will be embraced by the Victorian-era-entrenched Conservative party in the UK since they’ll be enabled to extend and continue its oligarchic rule which is swiftly becoming a kakistocracy.

The role of party politics is to reflect the will of an ever-changing society. Instead, it has become the greatest barrier to fairness and progress. Democracy will continue to exist only in name and civilized evolution, until politicians are selected only based on ability, rather than party loyalty and populism. If not, society will stagnate and devolve as the year’s pass.

Donald Trump’s second acquittal by the US Senate shows a dark and dangerous moment for American democracy. It proves that no conduct, whether it’s inviting foreign powers to interfere in an election or instigating violence to overthrow its result, is enough to permanently ban a candidate from holding public office. It’s now up to the state prosecutors and justice department to succeed where Congress has failed- to hold Trump accountable. If they don’t, America needs only wait for the next attempt to subvert its democracy.