U.S. Elections: Could Trump Run for Office in 2024 if He Wins 2020?

During a recent indoor rally held in Nevada, President Donald Trump suggested he might consider running for a third term in 2024. This took many people by surprise since the presidential term limits are protected by the Constitution.

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Can Trump Run for Office a Third Time?

Many people across the country are now wondering if President Trump can run for a third time. If Trump secures the upcoming presidential elections in 2020, he will not be able to run for office a third time. Congress and all the states ratified the 22nd Amendment in the year 1951 after Roosevelt served as President for four terms.

Roosevelt’s fourth term in office was cut short due to him passing away. Given how difficult it is to pass a Constitutional amendment, it’s more than likely that Trump will not be able to change this provision.

Of course, if Trump loses the upcoming Presidential elections, he may be able to seek a second term in 2024 – there’s no rule that stops a president who has had one term from seeking another non-consecutive term in office.

So, if Trump really wants to run for office in 2024, he may very well be able to do it if he loses the upcoming elections. Historically, however, if a sitting president didn’t win the reelection, there wasn’t much prospect of them running for office again. Grover Cleveland was the only exception to this – he was the 22nd and the 24th President of the country.

Will history repeat itself? We’ll have to wait and watch!