Walmart’s New Membership Program is a Must-have. Here’s Why.

Small joys like eating a healthy meal or having a comfortable chair to seat yourself in can make an actual difference right now during the pandemic. But, between balancing work stress and household chores, no one’s really got the time to spend hours going from store to store looking for a good buy. And, that’s precisely why online shopping is a complete game-changer.

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Online shopping offers numerous benefits that can make your life a lot easier. Whether it’s contactless payments or line-free checkouts, online shopping makes these experiences possible.

And, now, with Walmart’s new membership program, Walmart+, online shopping has become so much more convenient. Here’s why you need to sign up for the membership program.

Low prices:

People who sign up for this membership program can benefit from the same low prices that Walmart is famous for, and also get free delivery.

Saves time:

Not only will this service help you save money, but it will also help you save a whole lot of time. It’s an easy solution for when you need last-minute items to help your kid finish a school project or for when guests turn up unannounced at home.

Contactless payment:

Like shopping in-store? No problem! Customers who enjoy shopping in Walmart stores can also benefit from this membership. Walmart+ helps members shopping in-store scan their items and pay through their smartphones.

Savings on fuel:

For those who drive around a lot, a Walmart+ membership can help you save on your fuel bill as well. Walmart and Murphy fuel stations offer members a $0.05 discount per gallon of gas. These small savings can add up to a lot over time.

This awesome new service is offered to you at a price of just $12.95 per month, or $98 a year. You may even be able to sign-up for the retailer’s 15-day free trial. Go on and check it out!