Why the Dallas Cowboys Are Starting to Get Irrelevant

On December 8, during the last few minutes of the Cowboys’ 34-17 loss to the Ravens, Troy Aikman, a Dallas Cowboys player, tore down in a brutally honest moment. He wondered where this franchise would go from here because there were too many issues to be fixed in the offseason.

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As he began to speak, Fox Sports started to play Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic song “Tuesday’s Gone” as they showed the sad Cowboys defenders sitting on the bench before going to commercial.

Everything was all so perfect and very sad for a Dallas Cowboys franchise that continues to be thrust upon in primetime slots since a ton of people watch and often see a bunch of Cowboys losses.

Like other Cowboys teams in the past, this Cowboys team has become totally irrelevant to the bigger picture of the NFL, the Super Bowl, and the race for the playoffs.

The Cowboy’s loss to Baltimore, made them drop to 3-9. Now, let’s look at the NFC East for a second-

In Week 13, the Giants were led to a win over the Seahawks in Seattle by Colt McCoy.

In Week 13, The previously unbeaten Steelers in Pittsburgh were defeated as Alex Smith led Washington to a win.

In Week 13, the Eagles, well, were just really bad.

In Week 13, Andy Dalton with all of his experience as a starting quarterback, couldn’t lead the Cowboys to a win over the Ravens.

The success of Smith and McCoy means that you sure can save it with any talk about the Cowboys missing their starting quarterbacks. Yes, missing Dak Prescott is quite brutal for Dallas in the overall picture. But Dalton still could’ve done something against the Ravens to win.

Instead, the Cowboys quite often looked lost on defense and couldn’t do enough on offense to pose any real threats to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t been a factor in the race for the Super Bowl for quite a long time. In fact, the franchise hasn’t won a divisional-round playoff game since the 1995 season. This is also when they last played in the Super Bowl. Throughout the years, the Dallas Cowboys team has had a number of seasons that began with soaring high expectations, only to see those seasons end well before Week 17. Here they are again and as Aikman says, who knows how they’ll even start to fix this thing.